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Important interview with Rosa Koire (from 2021)

Important interview with Rosa Koire (from 2021)

07 Feb 2023




Important interview with Rosa Koire (from 2021)
In the previous article you were invited to watch the video of Rosa Koire’s lecture on the UN Agenda 21-Sustainable Development. That lecture dates from 2012, but she shows exactly what we are in now, showing all kinds of documentation that can be found everywhere on the internet.

In February 2021 -nine years later- Willem Engel from the Netherlands interviewed Rosa about Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 and the consequences we are seeing and experiencing in our own country. The interview is in English.

Among other things, Rosa talks in this interview about the consequences of Agenda 21 that are becoming more and more visible in our daily lives. She also explains why we are now talking about Agenda 2030 and not so much (anymore) about Agenda 21. She says that there will be legislation regarding cash and the financial restrictions that will be imposed on us.  We are in the middle of that situation now, two years later. She talks at length about the censorship we face nowadays, about events such as 9/11 and related to that about Covid19; about expropriation of land, (think of the farmers).  However, humans are not artificial beings and most of us certainly do not want to become such creatures.

Rosa Koire talks both in her lecture and in this interview about her book she wrote and published in 2011  ‘Behind the green mask’. 

When you have watched this and the two previous videos, i.e. the interview with former UN director Călin Georgescu and Rosa Koire’s lecture as well as this interview from 2021 below, you will be fully aware of everything we see happening now in the world and therefore also in our country on the geopolitical front, which is translating into many incomprehensible measures and sudden adjustments of the law that restrict our freedom in every possible way. You really won’t be able to say anymore that you didn’t know, when the consequences hit your frontdoor and your personal life.

Click on the picture to go to the interview. (NOTE: The interviewer starts briefly in Dutch and then continues in English, with Dutch subs).