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Tribunal in London about human traficking and child sexual abuse

Tribunal in London about human traficking and child sexual abuse

16 Apr 2018




Worldwide, we are dealing with child sexual abuse, illegal organ trafficking and human trafficking, an issue which -unfortunately- is still too often avoided by the mainstream media. They prefer to focus on 'fake news' that is designed and in which public opinion is continuously influenced in order to keep the war machine going, that will raise a lot of money for interested parties.

In these chaotic times with fake news and disinformation, we also have no monopoly on wisdom, but we do our best to show and hear the other side of the story, encouraging everyone to always remain critical, to go out and do your own research in order to follow your intuition if you’ve got the feeling that certain facts are not genuine. It is remarkable that in a recent broadcast of the TV-show in Holland the Dutch TV-host Ivo Niehe started the broadcast with a number of strong examples of fake news, showing parts of this video. So even in MSM you sometimes hear critical voices nowadays.

Today (April 16) the International Tribunal for Natural Justice started in London with several hearings and testimonies, which will take place from the 16th until the 18th of April 2018. What exactly does that tribunal mean? Who are the people behind it? What happens to the collected data after the interrogations? DVM-TV wanted to know and interviewed Sacha Stone, who was recently in the Netherlands, and asked him these questions. We look forward to see what happens next, but at least in this way this serious issue is brought to the attention of the public. And that's what matters most.